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Attention Advertisers:

If you now advertise with us, thank you. If not, consider what we can do for you. The average unique views of The O Scale Resource two months after publication is over 6000! This is a worldwide audience as shown below. Even back issues continue to see large numbers as people find us for the first time or review back to a specific article. Remember all your ads are linked directly to your Website or Email. These links continue to function in the back issues as well as any download PDF versions.

Now, we can’t promise sales, no one can guarantee that; however, we can and do promise to deliver the reader directly to your Website. No print magazine can offer that. And, because all older issues stay on line, your advertising dollars continue to work for you. As an example, between January 1st, 2020 and August 1st, 2020, the September/October 2013 issue received 219 views with 128 advertiser links clicked and 53 PDF downloads. That’s for an issue that was released almost eight years ago! No print magazine can consistently deliver customers to you in this manner.

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